The now former beauty queen gave her Miss Peru crown to Yely Rivera, who won the pageant this Sunday.

Yely Rivera is the new Miss Peru 2021 after establishing herself as the brand new winner of the beauty pageant, held this Sunday, October 10. It was Janick Maceta herself , Miss Peru 2020, who gave her the crown. What was your reaction?

After Jessica Newton , director of the organization, and Varoo Vargas , Mister Supranational 2021, announced Yely Rivera as the winner of Miss Peru 2021, the model was very excited about the result.

Instantly, Yely Rivera hugged Camila Escribns, first runner-up. He did the same with Jessica Newton and Varoo Vargas with a smile on her face.

The most anticipated moment was when Yely Rivera approached Janick Maceta for her to give him the crown, thus ending her successful year-long reign.

The second finalist of Miss Universe 2021 was happy at all times with the choice of Yely Rivera as her successor, as he remained with a smile on her face when he saw the new Miss Peru with the crown.

Once the gala was over, which began with a delay of almost three hours, the now ex-beauty queen sent her congratulations through her social networks.

“Congratulations, Yely Rivera, our Miss Peru. My best wishes in this new stage ” , the model wrote in her Instagram stories. The text was accompanied by a video where it was seen the precise moment when Janick ceded the throne to Yely.


Before announcing who would be the new Miss Peru 2021, Janick Maceta , who received a tender greeting from Jessica Newton , sent a final message to remember her participation in Miss Universe 2021.

“In such an important year, where we celebrated 200 years of independence, the fact that I have worn a suit inspired by parihuana, wearing the red and white before the universe, was a source of pride and I will always carry the flag of Peru in my heart. ” , She said excitedly.

Recall that in that international contest the Peruvian came to the gala as one of the favorites to obtain the Miss Universe 2020 title, due to her outstanding appearance in a preliminary event wearing a typical costume inspired by the national flag.

Unfortunately, Janick Maceta was the second runner-up. The crown was disputed between the representatives of Brazil and Mexico, the latter being the winner.

Despite not taking the crown home, Janick Maceta became the first Peruvian to enter the Top 5 of the beauty pageant after 63 years.


The Miss Peru 2021 pageant was held this Sunday, October 10. However, the national beauty pageant began at approximately 10:30, three hours after the advertised time, which was at 7 p.m.

Due to the inconvenience in the public, who eagerly awaited the broadcast, Infobae Peru contacted a representative of the Miss Peru organization to find out the reasons for the delay.

As we took care of the filming, editing and everything related to the contest we had some setbacks Said the source. In addition, he indicated that they will give more details of the event during the day.

However, once the contest started, users did not forget this mishap and criticized Jessica Newton, director of Miss Peru, for not issuing an official statement explaining why the contest did not start at the agreed time.

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