Even if pablo montero is still in the eye of the hurricane due to alleged sexual abuse allegations, the famous has decided to give his views on kalimba, who was recently singled out for allegedly raping singer Melissa Galindo.

It is through an interview with come joy where the soap opera actor loves fire in the blood sent a strong message to the singer of Touching bottom.

“What should always be done isand you owe nothing, you fear nothing and you have to show your face When you make a mistake, you have to accept it”, he mentioned in the first place.

Likewise, Montero elaborated on the fact that, in his experience, the most important thing was to show face and face situations.

“The clearest, the most transparent there The best for the public, for the press and for oneself, is to get rid of it head on and talk with what it is. Point and that’s it,” he concluded.

Regarding the legal proceedings that are against him, Pablo mentioned the morning newspaper Aztec Television that soon he and his legal representatives will announce the next steps he will take.

“In a few days, we will summon them together with my lawyer to always clarify it“, he added.

One issue he did not give up on was the chip that was fitted to quit drinking alcoholic beverages and he said that after said procedure his life apparently improved.

“It’s this way,” he commented, pointing to her arm. He further added: “It is a very important treatment. It helps a lot for your health. I am very happy with God, with my mother, who was with me when I did it”.

(Instagram photo: @pablomoficial)
(Instagram photo: @pablomoficial)

In December 2022, singer Pablo Montero was reportedly exposed for allegedly sexually abusing two minors from Tapachula, Chiapas.

was the magazine TVyNovelas who disseminated the information and its director, Gil Barrera, as well as when the Chiapas public prosecutor’s office mentioned that the actor also was under investigation.

After the revelation of the factsa few days later, Montero appeared publicly to deny the charges and assured that he would take relevant steps to clarify the facts.

The alleged crime was immediately reported by the alleged victims and the information was disclosed until February. It was said that the Tapachula authorities had already issued a location and presentation order against the singer, but the attorney general of the state of Chiapas said that there was only the investigation underway for the alleged violation of Ximena “N” and there was no arrest warrant.

(photo: Osiris Carbajal/Twitter)
(photo: Osiris Carbajal/Twitter)

“I don’t know her, the truth would be lying to you if I told you I know the person. I went to a place and obviously they asked me for pictures of the part where I was, several people asked me for pictures and one of the people was her“, were the first declarations of the singer.

Leaving aside Pablo Montero, singer Melissa Galindo denounced the previous days on her social networks that Kalimba allegedly harassed her and played without her consent on several occasions.

The artist opened up about the fact that she had a working relationship with the famous and the friendship, when the events apparently took place.

The singer will participate this 2022 in the play "joseph the dreamer" (Photo: Instagram @kalimbaofficial)
The singer will participate this 2022 in the piece “José el soñador” (Photo: Instagram@kalimbaofficial)

“I was sitting normally (in a van) and he grabbed my knee and he started telling me that he had heard very good comments about my project (…) Suddenly I felt that something touched my vagina i.e. his hand ran through my vagina And that’s how I shocked, I closed myself off, but I didn’t say anything, it was possible for me to inadvertently make a mess, I’m with his people, with his team, without protection and not even in the business of making a mess,” he says.

During the morning of this Friday, Kalimba used his social networks to speak about it and “categorically denied” having committed what he is accused of.

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