Pablo Hasel

The rapper Pablo Hasél has denounced by letter the health treatment he receives in the Ponent prison (Lleida), where he is admitted, and the “humiliation” to which the Mossos d’Esquadra wanted to subject him when he had to undergo a colonoscopy.

The singer assures in the letter, an extract of which has been made public through social networks, that he is a victim of “medical neglect” by the Government, in “the inhuman prison” in which he is.

“The other day I couldn’t have a colonoscopy because the Mossos wanted to be next to me naked with the tube on. One more humiliation. Even asleep from anesthesia they want to keep me handcuffed. Treated worse than rapists and pedophiles ”, he assures in the letter.

Hasél, who considers himself “a consistent political prisoner”, affirms that the conditions in which he is in jail cause him severe stomach pains and that he has had to wait a year to undergo medical tests.

The rapper has been in prison since 2021 for glorifying terrorism and insulting the Crown.

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