The possible ballistic test coincides with the maneuvers carried out in the area by a US aircraft carrier and on the eve of the visit to South Korea by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

North Korea fired this Wednesday (09.28.2022) a ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan (called the East Sea in the two Koreas), an action that takes place during the course of maneuvers carried out by a Washington aircraft carrier in that area and on the eve of US Vice President Kamala Harris visiting South Korea.

“North Korea has launched an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea,” reads a brief statement sent by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), which does not give more details about the projectile at the moment.

This launch comes after another carried out this past weekend coinciding with the arrival in the region of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, and one day before Harris arrives in South Korea, where he is scheduled to visit the militarized border between the two countries, something that the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, already did in August.

Japan’s coast guard also confirmed the possible launch of a ballistic missile, citing information from Japan’s defense ministry, and warned ships to be vigilant. The North Korean launch is part of a record number of weapons tests this year.

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