Who is Adhara Pérez, the Mexican genius girl with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein

Who is Adhara Pérez, the Mexican genius girl with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein

Adhara Pérez is only 9 years old, but at her young age she is already recognized as the Mexican girl genius who dreams of being a NASA astronaut and whose IQ is higher than that of scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

When she was 7 years old, Forbes magazine included her in its annual ranking as one of the most powerful women in Mexico in 2019 and this week she was recognized by the Mexican Senate by highlighting her impressive career.

Adhara has an IQ of 162, two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. At his young age, he is studying mathematics and systems engineering.

In addition, she has been invited to pursue a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Arizona; a master’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Miami; as well as to study Physics at the University of Israel.

She was also invited to be part of the Aeronautics Program in Alabama, United States, and to study Space Sciences at NASA.

“Thank you all very much. Do not give up and follow your dreams,” were the short words that Adhara pronounced in front of the attendees who participated in the tribute in the Senate of their country.

Her childhood has not been easy, because from a very young age she was diagnosed with autism and this led her to be strongly discriminated against by her schoolmates.

However, with the help of his parents, he was able to study at home, where he finished primary and secondary school in a couple of years.

“Adhara tells me this very beautiful phrase: ‘We all have a different operating system, maybe the others are Windows and I’m a Mac. And it’s the truth, we should include more of them,” said Nayeli Sánchez Gómez, mother of the genius girl.

Adhara already dreams big. She wants to be a NASA astronaut and is creating a device for autistic children: a bracelet that measures emotions and sends them to parents through a computer, phone or tablet.

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