A lioness cub walked alone inside a subdivision in Veracruz

A new strange moment is lived in Mexico, this time starring a lioness who walked freely through the streets of a subdivision located in the state of Veracruz.

As can be seen in different videos uploaded to social networks, a lioness cub was walking alone inside the Lomas Residencial subdivision, in the municipality of Alvarado in Veracruz.

Several inhabitants of the area began to record the lioness while they were concerned about the presence of the wild cat without any type of caregiver inside the residential area.

In a first video , the cat can be seen walking along one of the sidewalks in the area until it reaches a place with grass, where it stays to rest for a while.

“How cute, it looks cute”, exclaims a little boy when he sees that the lion cub continues to walk through the streets of the place.

In another video, the puppy is seen resting in the grass while one of the neighbors in the area records it and questions what this wild feline is doing “outside the house.”

This is how the situation ended

Already in a third video we see how this rare situation ends, when the alleged owners approach the cat to take it to a safe place.

In these images, a man dressed in black can be seen approaching the lion to try to capture it, but the animal moves away in the opposite direction.

Seconds later another subject appears on the scene accompanied by a dog , to which the lion approaches in a friendly and playful manner.

Once the cat begins to play with the dog, which seems to be his friend from before, the man in black approaches and manages to carry the lion away from the street.

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