Veracruz registers 56 Deaths from Covid-19 in the last day

Veracruz registers 56 Deaths from Covid-19 in the last day

According to the latest official data, in Veracruz the number of people infected by coronavirus has grown a 0,25 % after reporting 129 new cases in this day, which raises the number total positives in the region a 51,596 people.

Of all confirmed cases, currently 12.027 they are active this friday and 32,254 people have already defeated the virus. However, the death toll as a consequence of the Covid-19 disease is 7,315 after confirming the death of 56 people this Friday, according to the latest data received.

In Mexico, COVID-19 infections are growing, reaching 1,899,820 from the first positive

According to the latest data, Mexico continue with 275,887 active cases of COVID-19 after confirmation 13,575 new positives Y 10,774 medical discharges this Friday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total number of infected has risen to 1.899.820, with 1,461,011 recovered Y 162,922 deaths.

Most affected places in Mexico

The regions of Mexico that are being most affected by the advance of the coronavirus are:

  • Mexico City, with 493.069 infections (+4,741 new confirmed cases) and 23.229 deceased people, the region with the most affected at this time.
  • Mexico state, with 195.897 infections (+1,598 new positives) and 25.124 deaths.
  • Guanajuato, with 109.222 contagions (+739 new cases) and 7.663 Dead people.

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