PUEBLA, Mexico – Authorities are evaluating the possibility of rescuing two dogs that are trapped inside a huge sinkhole in the Mexican state of Puebla.

The sinkhole appeared in the town of Santa María Zacatepec at the end of May and since then it has been growing; it currently has a diameter of over 400 feet long and a depth of 50 feet.

The pets, whose owners are residents of the area, fell into the hole on June 7.

The Animal Life Support and Rescue Unit, a group of volunteers, is asking state authorities for permission to enter the sinkhole to remove the dogs, but the Puebla government believes the risk would be too high for rescuers.

Some residents of the town believe that the sinkhole appeared due to the extraction of underground water by bottling companies, but some experts from the federal government think that it could be an underground river.

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