This was the shooting in Tepic, Nayarit, which left people dead and injured on Tuesday

This was the shooting in Tepic, Nayarit, which left people dead and injured on Tuesday

This Tuesday, a series of clashes between presumed hitmen and agents of different security corporations in Tepic, in the federal entity of Nayarit, left a balance of at least two dead and injured and detained.

A possible offender from the group of armed civilians was dejected, while an element of the National Guard (GN) he died and another was injured. The authorities also they secured vehicles and weapons.

The first of the shootings was reported in a road that goes from the town of San Cayetano to Pantanal: when GN soldiers drove towards him Airport International Amado Nervo were intercepted and attacked by an armed commando who was traveling aboard a white truck.

The attack triggered a search operation to find possible attackers and hitmen (Video: Twitter / @ tepicnayarit)

Two National Guard agents were injured. One of them had to be transferred to an emergency hospital, where due to the severity of your injuries passed away.

The attack detonated a operative search to find possible attackers and hitmen. Hours later, other agents of the security corporation were attacked at the height of the El Dorado community and started another shootout.

There died one of the alleged criminals and unwary a car.

Elements of the Attorney General of the State of Nayarit, the State Police, and the Mexican Army. Moments later a third shooting on the Technological Avenue, where two armed civilians were arrested and a van with firearms inside was secured.

Elements of the Nayarit State Attorney General’s Office, the State Police, and the Mexican Army also participated in the actions (Photo: Screenshot)

Roberto Sandoval Castañeda was governor of Nayarit from 2011 to 2017 and during his administration, violence and insecurity linked to organized crime escalated dramatically, which is why At the end of his term, it was said that he had ties to drug trafficking.

Today he is wanted in 194 countries. After last Friday, November 13, a Nayarit control judge accused him of the crimes of illicit enrichment, embezzlement and improper exercise of functions. But it is not the first time that accusations have been made against the former governor.

Roberto Sandoval, the former governor of Nayarit accused of ties to drug trafficking.
Roberto Sandoval, the former governor of Nayarit accused of ties to drug trafficking.

Since May 17, 2019, the United States has accused him of ties to drug trafficking in Mexico, having received bribes from the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and froze the accounts that the former state president had in the American Union.

That is why on February 28, the Secretary of State of the American Union, Mike Pompeo, reported that the Treasury Department included the former governor of Nayarit on the list of people who committed acts of corruption, which in his case was due to ties to criminal drug trafficking groups. In addition, he pointed out that neither Sandoval Castañeda nor his family can enter that country.

Days later, Roberto Sandoval gave an interview to Formula Radio. He said he was surprised by the determination of the neighboring country and clarified that for two years he has been in contact with the authorities of that country. In addition, he said that in 2016 he received a letter informing him about the suspension of his US visa until his situation was clarified, so he had already had time without visiting the neighboring country. He insisted that he was innocent of the accusations.

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