Relatives and friends of two young women hospitalized in critical condition protested in the City of Mexico this Thursday and urged the authorities to look for Diego Helguera, who, according to witnesses, ran into them in a drunken state with his vehicle after being expelled from a meeting.

“I want there to be justice for this guy, we are doing this march for my sister, because she is a person who makes him want to and has no problems with anyone. We are doing the march because we want justice to be done not only for my sister but also for her friend,” said Kevin, brother of Fernanda Olivares, known as Polly, one of the young women run over.

The statements were made in front of the prosecution of Mexico City, to where the march walked from the Palace of Fine Arts to ask to meet with the authorities, whom they accused of not acting to find Diego Helguera, while Polly, 26, and Fernanda Cuadra, 31, are admitted to the hospital in serious condition.

At night, the Attorney General’s Office of the Mexico City met with the victims’ families, who expressed concern about possible retaliation against them by the relatives of the possible aggressor, while the lawyers requested that the issue be viewed with a gender perspective.

In addition, the next of kin pointed out the need to evaluate the custody for the direct and indirect victims by personnel of the Investigative Police (PDI).

The case

According to what Alberto Guerrero, Polly’s friend for 15 years, told Efe, last Saturday night “less than ten people” gathered at Fernanda’s house, in the Iztacalco area, in the east of the capital.

A friend of Polly’s invited Diego Helguera, who arrived at the scene in a drunken state and continued to drink, so they asked him for his car keys so that he would not go out and cause an accident.

For this reason, the young man got upset and began to insult those who were in the house and even vomited in various places.

Fernanda got tired and “decided to send him (kick him) out of his house.” This caused him great anger “and the result was to throw the car at them,” said Alberto, who insisted that it seems “unfair” that the authorities have not searched for the man since then, who fled after the hit, in which he dragged Polly more than 250 meters under her car.

Polly is in an induced coma with burns to various parts of her body and a skull fracture, as well as other broken bones.

While Fernanda Cuadra has several fractures and, according to the family said in recent days, could lose an eye and hearing.

The outrage was recorded by several security cameras in Mexico City and was made public days ago, causing enormous commotion on social media and public opinion.

Two days ago an audio message was leaked that Diego allegedly shared with a friend and in which he says phrases such as “I’m not going to be locked up” or “Why am I still here, without dreams or anything and hated by society ”.

The closest relatives of both young women entered the capital’s prosecutor’s office on Thursday asking for urgent measures to find Diego and get him sentenced.

Although when leaving they said they could not give many details, they affirmed that they will have protection measures for having suffered threats and the general coordinator of Investigation of Gender Crimes and Attention to Victims, Laura Borbolla, told the media that “the first thing to do is to do is complete the arrest warrant (detention) ”.

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