For a few years now, the Culiacán authorities have intensified their efforts to remove from that municipality the image of being a region dominated by drug-trafficking.

The celebration of Halloween is approaching, one of the favorite parties for children and adolescents, who take to the streets with masks and costumes to “terrify” with their outfit.

However, in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, where the culture of drug trafficking reignsthe clothing of monsters and witches has been replaced in recent years by costumes alluding to drug lords, a situation that is beginning to generate alarm.

That is why the authorities of that municipality announced that drug dealer costumes, as well as artifacts that simulate white or firearms, will be completely prohibited.

Pedro César Roja Ibarra, Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Traffic, stated at a press conference that not only the use of this clothing and accessories is prohibited, but also its sale.

The official added that carrying slug, devil or compressed air weapons in public places, as well as devices that simulate white weapons, They will be sanctioned with arrest and economic fines ranging from 4,800 to 14,800 pesos..

“We will be covering a total of 13 cemeteries in the city and 2 in the unions, so we invite the general population to avoid buying toy weapons for their children, since it has been approved to sanction establishments that sell these items with the in order to avoid promoting antisocial behaviors among infants”, indicated Roja Ibarra.

It should be noted that the prohibition on the sale of this type of product will not be limited to the celebration of Halloween, since according to the Secretary of Security, will last until after Three Kings Daythus preventing them from falling into the hands of children on another special date for them.

For a few years now, the authorities of Culiacán, Sinaloa, have intensified their efforts to remove from that municipality the image of being a region dominated by drug-trafficking, but unfortunately some events such as the celebration of “buchonas parties”or musical festivals where they interpret songs dedicated to the Chapo Guzman They avoid meeting that goal.

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