They killed my son, let their karma take them where it hurts the most ”: Marisol’s words when she learned of the death of her 13-year-old son Brandon Giovanni, the innocent victim who is the most representative face of the tragedy of the Metro Line 12 that collapsed on the night of Monday, May 4.

The words of the mother of the family They are in deep pain because she does not consider it to be an “accident”, her son had a whole life ahead of him.

Indescribable agony passed for more than 18 hours since the tragic event occurred, without sleeping and with the soul in a thread, Marisol and her mother (grandmother of the minor) spent hours at the scene of the accident, in addition they made pilgrimage in all the hospitals where they took the sick, nobody gave them reports; On the phone they gave them a false hope that they were operating on one of them, but when they came, it was not.

Since they finished removing all the deceased from the place, a few hours later at dawn on Tuesday, they had already been accounted for, she asked if her son was not there but they firmly assured her that he was not, that there were no children among the bodies, so she was sure and hoped that he was alive.

She knew that her son and his partner were coming on that wrecked train, since shortly after 10 p.m. she called Brandon Giovanni, he answered and told her that they would see each other soon, It was five minutes before he reached the station where he would get off, near his house, and would have dinner with his mother, but they did not arrive.

He was traveling with his stepfather when the two wagons collapsed after the trab fell, the man was rescued alive and taken to a hospital, but nothing was known about the minor.

“Five minutes before I spoke to them, they were on peripheral. As soon as I turned on the TV, the tragedy had already happened, I came as soon as I saw it. I dialed but neither of them answered me. They don’t give me reports, here they just tell you: ‘go back’, but I need to know about my son. I already sent people to look for them and they are not on the injured list, they were going to search the list of corpses they had, ”Marisol said, along with her mother by her side.

Mexico City subway accident 8 (Mother looking for her 13-year-old son)

A few hours later the women managed to locate Rigoberto, stepfather of Brandon Giovanni, is found admitted to the Balbuena Hospital and is in serious condition.

The information that the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) had issued until 7:00 p.m., was that the minor was missing. Even they activated an Amber Alert to find his whereabouts.

“FGJCDMX applies search protocols to locate a minor, disappeared after events on Line 12 of the Metro derived from a citizen complaint, applies all search protocols to locate a minor, whose whereabouts are unknown since Monday night, and who was possibly traveling in a convoy on Line 12 of @MetroCDMX, “the agency tweeted.

Around 8:00 p.m., the Locatel and the Government of Mexico City updated the list of the deceased and in it little Giovanni already appeared. According to reports, the mother was already aware of what happened.

“The #FGJCDMX regrets to inform that the minor Brandon Giovanny, reported as missing, was identified by relatives in IZP-6, who died due to the events that occurred on line 12 of @MetroCDMX”, Confirmed minutes later the Twitter account of the capital prosecutor’s office.

Marisol Tapia’s odyssey began last Monday night, when she hung up the phone after speaking with Rigoberto, the teenager’s father, who told her that he was about to get off the subway. Moments later, he turned on the television and heard what happened to the STC. According to the first videos that began to circulate online, as soon as he found out about the accident, he moved from the Zapotitla neighborhood to the Olivos metro stop.

“I was in peripheral and I can’t find him anywhere, in any ambulance. He came on the subway, I can’t find him. [Se llama] Brandon Giovanni Hernández Tapia, is tall, big eyes, thin mouth, white ”, he narrated in a recording that little by little began to go viral.

The hours passed and around 01:00 in the morning, the woman was still looking for her relatives. In a video recorded by various media, the authorities had not given her any answer about the whereabouts of her husband and son, so she began to show despair.

Even PAN politicians approached him to offer to denounce the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, and other officials for the alleged structural failure that resulted in the death of 25 people and more than 70 injuries, but the outraged, tired and hurt grandmother yelled at them that what she needed was to be told where Giovanni was.

“I raised the certificate for his search and I did find him, but dead, he will not return home, we had plans for May 10, it was my everything, nothing is going to return him,” said Marisol, who is now preparing the funeral. of his son who he will bury with the objects he liked the most and maybe put on rap because it was the music that Brandon Giovanni adored.

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