The Attorney General of the State of Jalisco (FGE) opened an investigation folder for the disappearance of four young people in Puerto Vallarta.

According to the events reported in a statement issued by the institution, last May 21 was the last time their relatives had contact with them. Given the above, they went to the Special Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons (FEPD) to report the incident.

Likewise, the loved ones of the young people highlighted that before losing contact, one of them announced that he would go to a party with a friend and later spoke with another acquaintance to tell her that They were heading to the city of Guadalajara.

So far, research has shown that young people got into a vehicle in a shopping center that he was in the hotel zone of the tourist destination to go to Guadalajara.

It is known that the young people crossed on their way to the city of Guadalajara (Photo: Attorney General of the State of Jalisco)

Given this, the FEPD “expanded search actions in the state capital, as well as other municipalities where, according to the data obtained so far it is known that the young people crossed on their way to the city of Guadalajara”.

In addition, the state authorities mentioned that they have carried out various operations both in Puerto Vallarta and in the metropolitan area of ​​the entity, in order to be able to locate the disappeared.

They added that the search will be permanent until their whereabouts can be found and the channel will also be open and constant with the families affected so that they can know the progress of the investigations.

It should be remembered that Jalisco, the cradle of Mexican folklore, has also become a red zone of violence, besieged by organized crime and crowded by more 12,637 families desperately searching for a missing person. In other words, It is the entity with the most disappearances in all of Mexico.

The state is controlled by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), one of the most powerful crime groups, to whom a good part of the disappearances have been attributed.

According to the official statistics of the National Registry of Disappeared and Unavailable Persons of the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), most of the disappeared are between 15 and 30 years old. In fact, several of the latest cases of disappearance in the state have had young people and adolescents as protagonists.

On May 15, the Commission for the Search for Missing Persons in Jalisco published the files to locate Roxana Dávalos, 16 (Photo: Attorney General of the State of Jalisco)

On May 15, the Commission for the Search for Disappeared Persons in Jalisco published the files to locate Roxana Davalos, 16 years old; to Flower Kenia Nuño Vázquez, from 14 already Beatriz Esmeralda Galvez, 15, and Gloria Martinez, 16 years old, who were last seen in San Agustín, Tlajomulco.

In March 2021, Abraham and José de Jesús Covarrubias, two young brothers and students, they were “raised” from their home in Tonalá, after having participated in a confrontation with subjects who have not yet been identified, but who promised to attack them again later.

“My cousin Abraham was washing his truck and another truck passed, they hit him, they made words and they let him go with blows. My cousins ​​did not let themselves, the others could not and told them that they were going to go for more and that they were going to kill them ”, declared a relative to Millennium.

A few hours after the altercation, the armed commando arrived at the address on Morelos street at number 18 A almost at the intersection with Niños Héroes and another confrontation arose. Finally, l the armed men removed both brothers from the scene and took them away in a red truck.

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