They demand justice for

They demand justice for “Polly”, the young woman was run over by Diego ‘N’ in Iztacalco

What was a birthday party turned into a horror movie for Fernanda “Polly” Olivares, and her friend, Fernanda Cuadra, who were mercilessly run over by one of the assistants while intoxicated and had to be hospitalized due to the severity of the injuries.

The car was driven by Diego ‘N’, alleged boyfriend “Polly” (according to witnesses). “I’m going to kill you bit*hes,” the man yelled before running them over. Olivares took the brunt of the attack. Her body was pressed into the car and she was dragged several streets before she could save herself.

On July 3, “Polly” passed away. She spent 26 days in hospital fighting the serious injuries that the attack left her without being able to recover, while Fernanda Cuadra managed to leave the hospital with serious consequences such as facial paralysis and hearing loss.

The case aroused strong indignation in Mexico, where users of social networks have joined for several days to demand justice with the hashtag #JusticiaParaPolly.

“Polly didn’t die, she was murdered”, it is read in the thousands of posts protesting on Twitter. Given the death of Polly and the status of being the apparent sentimental partner of the young woman, the crime that will be charged to Diego “N” was reclassified: now he will be tried for “consummated femicide”.

Thousands of women have positioned themselves on social networks, including the senator Martha Lucia Mícher Camarena, who highlighted that the intense sexist violence, which kills up to 10 women a day in Mexico, was what took Polly’s life:

“Polly didn’t die, she was killed. The patriarchy killed her, the feminicidal violence killed her, the macho thought that believes it can possess us. All the weight of the law for the person in charge. My condolences to his family and loved ones. #JusticiaParaPolly ”, the official wrote on her Twitter account.

Carolina Taffoya, another user of the same social network, also lamented the death of Polly, because a few weeks ago images of the moment of the attack against her were revealed:

That man was not afraid before he murdered her, that’s why I DO NOT forgive, I DO NOT FORGET! #JusticiaParaPolly I demand justice! Polly! For you I burn everything, I break everything! You should be dancing and laughing! We shouldn’t be crying because your body is 2 meters underground”.

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