Survivor Mexico began its broadcasts on April 7, since then 11 survivors have returned home and one more left the competition of its own free will, however, spoiler accounts assure that a contestant would leave this may 27th in the Extinction Game for various reasons.

The expectation that revolves around this reality survival is so great that multiple social media accounts claim to have information about alleged advances, either because the relatives of the participants speak with them and filter information, because they have contact with members of the production or because they make estimates that end up being a coincidence.

In this case, the various spoiler accounts claim that Silva Crystal I would be the one who leaves the competition this Sunday, May 27, the reasons are diverse, but the main one would be that the contestant herself had requested her departure to attend the wedding preparations, which apparently will be held in the month of August.

Comparison of the physical change that this contestant had within the program.

Comparison of the physical change that this contestant had within the program.

According to the accounts of supposed advances, the decision would have been driven because the contestants were informed of the program extension; apparently the second season of Survivor Mexico would finish airing or at least filming the June 27th, but due to the success of the reality show, the production would have decided to extend it two more months.

There is no confirmed data regarding it, but it was said that some contestants they would have been bothered by the decision and they would have asked to leave the competition, so they would go out on elimination Sundays.

Kristal Silva's performance would not be the main reason for her supposed departure.

Kristal Silva’s performance would not be the main reason for her supposed departure.

In addition to the rumor about the alleged nonconformity, Silva Crystal he was injured in a spectacular way in the past June 18, so the need to recover from the injury could be another factor for him to leave the competition.

It should be noted that she is one of the contestants of Jaguars that has had quite a fruitful performance, so the errors in their performance.

In the video of the accident, the strong blow he suffered is observed in detail Silva Crystal. The injury opened her lower lip, prompting rumors and speculation about whether the Come the joy would leave the reality show.

The accident occurred during a dynamic in which one team member had to build a tower of blocks, while another fought with a participant from the opposing group to prevent him from destroying the advance of the row of blocks. Whoever managed to build the highest tower, won.

Kristal Silva was pushed by Sergeant Rap (Photo: Instagram / @kristalsilva_)

Kristal Silva was pushed by Sergeant Rap.

The former beauty queen was building the tower of blocks, while Gary and Sargento Rap fought hand to hand. In one of their struggles, they got too close to the Tamaulipas and due to the inertia of the speed, Gary pushed Sergeant and he fell on top of Kristal.

The model hit the face with the corner of the table where she was and fell to the ground outside the perimeter of the game. As soon as they came to help her, Kristal was bleeding a lot and she looked confused.

“The tooth threw it at me! I moved my tooth.” Exclaimed Silva in the middle of tears, who was transferred in an emergency. Cynthia, another of the contestants and who has made a close friendship with Silva, was also desperate at the reaction of the driver.

Kristal was treated by a doctor, who cleaned her wound and tried to calm her down, as the driver would not stop crying. “It’s not a wound, doc, I have a chipped tooth. I feel it destroyed,” the competitor yelled.

It is reality have two schedules on Azteca One:, Sunday is dedicated to the playoffs while from Wednesday to Friday the chapters focus on the Falcons and Jaguars competitions.

During the week the program airs from 7:30 a 10:30pm and on Sundays at 8 pm, the most recently eliminated member was Barbara Falconi.

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