Naucalpan: They arrested a Man who was transporting a dismembered Body in Garbage bags

Naucalpan: They arrested a Man who was transporting a dismembered Body in Garbage bags

Police in the State of Mexico arrested a man who was moving a body inside plastic bags that probably belonged to a woman, so it was made available to the corresponding authorities to decide its legal status.

The Secretariat of Security revealed in a statement that given the investigation and analysis, agents of the Intelligence and Research Unit for Prevention (UIIP), in coordination with members of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

They apprehended a probable person responsible for femicide.

The Prosecutor’s Office specialized in murders of women arrested this man on suspicion of having committed crimes against respect for the dead and violations of burial and exhumation laws, in addition to his possible participation in the femicide.

It was on February 19 when authorities found the remains of a woman’s body packed in a black bag inside a pipeline in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, according to the official statement.

They arrested a man who was transporting a dismembered body in Naucalpan EFE / Str

They arrested a man who was transporting a dismembered body in Naucalpan.


Therefore, elements of the aforementioned corporations undertook an investigation with the aim of finding the probable perpetrators of the crime, which took them to Constitución street on the corner of San Pedro street, San José de los Leones neighborhood, where one subject was carrying a bag of identical specifications, which also gave off a foul odor.

In this context, and in order to rule out suspicions, the agents asked the male for a revision attached to the action protocol; When doing it, inside the bag were found the human remains apparently of a woman.

In addition, authorities pointed out in the statement that the suspect expressed his intentions to take the bag with him, and later throw it into a drain meters ahead.

Because of his possible relationship in the murder of a woman, the suspect identified as Hugo “N”, 33 years oldHe was transferred to the Public Ministry agency where his legal status was determined.

In this context, the Secretary of Security reminded the population that telephones 089 for anonymous reports and 911 emergency number work 24 hours a day. In addition, you can contact the Mexican authorities through social networks: Facebook at SS.Edomex, and Twitter at SS_Edomex.


Last Wednesday, February 16, at the corner of Constitución and San Isidro streets, within the San José de los Leones First Section neighborhood, residents of the municipality found two dismembered human legs.

Rescuers of Civil Protection and Firefighters were those who came to the scene and, due to their characteristics, confirmed that they were the legs of a woman. Rescuers removed one of them from the bottom of the drain, while the other was inside a concrete drain tube.

The inhabitants of the area declared that they had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. In addition to this, in these streets there are no cameras of the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center (C5).

For this reason, the authorities had to search for private cameras in order to try to obtain information.

Agents of the FGJEM transferred the remains to the regional amphitheater and hope to locate the rest of the victim’s body. Meanwhile, the Feminicide Prosecutor’s Office has already opened an investigation folder with a gender perspective.

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