How to download the covid-19 vaccination certificate in Mexico?

How to download the covid-19 vaccination certificate in Mexico?

Many countries still require the full vaccination schedule to enter their territory. So if you are going to travel, the covid-19 vaccination certificate issued by the Government of Mexico will allow you to enter. Or maybe you just require an official proof that you are vaccinated against the coronavirus. Whatever the case, we tell you how you can obtain it.

But first you should know that in the vaccination certificate you can consult data such as the registration folio, the date on which the vaccine was applied, the brand of the vaccine and the batch of the vaccine used. In addition, you will find a QR code that you can present whenever you need it and, according to the Ministry of Health, it allows you to verify its authenticity in real time.

Take into account that, according to the authorities, this certificate cannot be used as a condition to hire or deny someone a job.

If you are going to travel, make sure that the vaccine that was applied to you and the one that appears on your certificate is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) before booking your tickets.

How can I get my covid-19 vaccination certificate?

According to the Mexican Government, those who want to travel abroad or require it, can obtain the vaccination certificate through the internet by going to

Enter the Unique Population Registry Code, CURP, and the page will show you a message notifying you that the certificate will arrive at the email address registered at the time of registering for vaccination.

Two links will arrive in the mail. In the first, “certificate league”, you will find the official vaccination certificate.

Through WhatsApp

The Mexican Ministry of Health enabled a chat to obtain the vaccination certificate via WhatsApp. To obtain it by this means you must send a message on this social network to 56 1713 0557.

To activate the chat, simply send the word “hello” and Doctor Armando Vacuno will immediately answer the message asking you to write the word “certificate” and after another message, the CURP. He will then reply with a link that will immediately allow you to download the certificate.

It is important that you do this process from the cell phone number that you registered on the website otherwise your certificate will not be generated.

What happens if your certificate has an error?

In the email they send you when you make the request online, in addition to the vaccination certificate, a “clarification link”, in which you can file a report. For this, you must attach the proof of vaccination that they give you in the unit where you were vaccinated. You must also provide some information such as CURP, telephone and email so that, if necessary, they can contact you.

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