Authorities located five corpses with marks of torture and cuts on the face, who were abandoned on a stretch of highway north of Guerrero.

According to reports from the state prosecutor’s office, the bodies of male persons were at the height of the kilometer 11 + 250 of the road that connects Match with Teloloapan.

Up to the site agents of the Ministerial Investigative Police to process the scene and raise corresponding clues. Well, the men presented sharp weapon damage to the face and neck.

Hence the delegation of the North zone of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guerrero opened a research folder for the multihomicidio. After the processing of the place, personnel of the Forensic Medical Service transferred the bodies to their facilities for the legal necropsy.

“It will give the punctual follow-up to the started folder to locate him or the probable perpetrators of this crime and take them before the corresponding instances, “said the agency.

In Iguala, a drug war and extermination of the Tlacos prevail.

In Iguala, a drug war and extermination of the Tlacos prevail.

According to local reports, the five men were bagged and with the coup de grace, although the prosecution did not highlight the latter.

The victims were located in a place near the community of Metlapa Of the municipality of Equal to, on the banks of the federal highway that leads to Altamirano City.

Police sources reported that the finding was made by agents of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and it was confirmed around 4:30 p.m. on December 28.

Is about a point located in the undergrowth and used to dump trash on the road. Images shared on social media show that some are half naked and inside black bags.

The acts of violence inaugurate the appointment of the Army lieutenant, Sandra Valdovinos, as the new holder of the State Attorney General.

The events occurred after the appointment of the new prosecutor.

The events occurred after the appointment of the new prosecutor.

The governor’s decision Evelyn Salgado Pineda was taken after Congress will reject the backhoe presented a few days ago by the governor, since no candidate managed to obtain the support of the Chamber of Deputies, since the abstentions they predominated in the vote.

The new prosecutor, unknown in public life to this day, was attached to the Directorate General of Administration of the Sedena as representative of legal advice; In addition, it is known that it has been an important piece in the military justice apparatus of the same agency.

In Equal to the violence of the criminal group known as the Tlacos y/o Cartel of the Sierra. The latter have initiated a drug war and extermination against members of de the flag, before Warrior United.

At the beginning of last October, alleged members of the Cartel de la Sierra, led by Onesimo Marquina, the Necho, they threatened through a video to David Gama Pérez, Mayor of Equal to.

In the recording, the 10 armed and hooded subjects asked the PRI regidor “Negotiate” to avoid more homicides. The subjects also stated that for there to be paz in the city, located in the northern region of the state, they had to “put security”.

The criminals claimed that the mayor had introduced “Outside people” to control Iguala, when, in accordance with them, have “competent and trained” people to do that work. They also ordered fix the situation with the owners of the square or else the killings would continue.

Previously, on September 29, the Cartel de la Sierra released another clip in which up to 21 members of the Flag were executed, including leaders. Four bodies were left inside a car parked in front of what was the campaign house of the elected mayor of the PAN-PRD-PRI in the municipality, Gama Pérez himself.

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