If you are one of the people who bought a piece of the Fat Christmas Draw in Mexico, here we tell you how to watch the event 100% live to verify your numbers.

On the eve of Christmas Eve the National Lottery of Mexico will carry out the Big Christmas Draw at night that will include a Grand Prize that trades 204 million pesos and will be distributed in four series and a total purse of 430 million 259 thousand pesos and there are around 80 one thousand participants, of which a total of 16 thousand 722 prizes and reimbursements will be offered, which will be distributed in 526 prizes directly and 16 thousand 196 reimbursements.

When and where to see the Fat Christmas Draw?

The Christmas Fat Draw 220 will be held in the Draw Room of the Moro Building of the National Lottery on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. You can follow the live broadcast of the draw through the official YouTube channel of the National Lottery.

How much do the little pieces of the Fat Christmas Giveaway cost?

The cost of each piece is $ 120 pesos and with it they will be able to win up to 2,550,000 pesos, which represents one twentieth of the Grand Prize. El Gordo de Navidad offers a total bag of 430 million 259 thousand pesos, where 80 thousand numbers or tickets that are numbered from 00000 to 80000 participate and offers a total of 16 thousand 722 prizes and refunds, which are divided into 526 direct prizes and 16 thousand 196 refunds.

How much can you earn?

Christmas Jackpot No. 220 awards a Jackpot of 204 million and giving a main prize with a series of 1 million. The cost of the fraction or little piece is $ 120.00; while the cost of the series or whole is $ 2,400.00.

In this Christmas Fat Draw No. 220, the National Lottery shows the wealth of our country, especially of these holidays, so the image of the Christmas Eve flowers, which is usually an important symbol in the homes of families Mexican, is reflected in the little pieces.

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