An armed group kidnapped Marilú Martínez Núñez, Mexican candidate of the opposition Citizen Movement (MC) for the municipal presidency of Cutzamala de Pinzón, in the southern state of Guerrero (Mexico), with her family.

The political party made the announcement on Wednesday morning.

They were kidnapped by an armed group. We demand an immediate reaction from the authorities and Governor Héctor Astudillo to locate them alive”, denounced Clemente Castañeda, national coordinator of the liberal MC at dawn.

Although neither the party leadership nor the authorities have detailed the time and place of the event, Martínez Núñez published on her social networks for the last time on Tuesday afternoon.

First of all, God my Cutzamala this June 6, we are going to be victorious. Yes of course!” she wrote on her Facebook.

The crime occurs while Mexico accumulates more than 780 aggressions or global crimes against politicians, with a balance of 89 politicians assassinated, 35 of them aspirants, according to the consulting firm Etellekt, a reference on the subject.

In the midst of a climate of violence, Mexico celebrates its largest elections in history on June 6, when 93.5 million are called to renew the Chamber of Deputies, 15 of 32 governors, 30 local congresses and 1,900 city councils.

MC candidates have been high-profile victims, such as Alma Rosa Barragán, candidate for the municipal presidency of Moroleón, from central Guanajuato, and Abel Murrieta, who was seeking to be mayor of Cajeme, in northern Sonora, where he was attorney and attorney for victims of a massacre of Mormons.

This electoral period is the most violent in history. It cannot be possible that participating in politics means risking your life.” The party tweeted on Tuesday.

Martínez Núñez, who defines herself as a “enthusiastic young woman” had closed its campaign on May 30 with an event in an area known as La Curva de Cutzamala.

The municipality belongs to an area known as Tierra Caliente, which in the last decade has become an area with the presence of organized crime and drug trafficking.

We demand that the Guerrero authorities do their part, Marilú Martínez and her family must appear now. Faced with these unfortunate events, there is no room for indifference. Do your part. We demand safe elections.” Demanded Jessica Ortega, national coordinator of Women of MC.

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