César Guadalupe Chávez Medrano became the hero of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, when he saved a girl from drowning. Unfortunately, the man passed away after not being able to get out himself.

It was on Monday, May 10, when the 48-year-old man was walking on the beach of Los Muertos. There, she realized that the waves washed away a girl and she was having a hard time getting out of the sea.

César Guadalupe then left his belongings on the sand and swam out to sea. He managed to reach the girl, identified only as Africa “N”, and rescue her, but when he tried to get out, a wave returned him to the sea and submerged him.

Lifeguards, elements of the National Guard and paramedics from the Fire Department came to his rescue, but when they reached him, he had already swallowed a lot of water. The paramedics applied resuscitation maneuvers, but nothing could be done for him as he had no vital signs.

The man was submerged by the waves (Photo: EFE / File)

After what happened, agents of the Public Ministry showed up to do the body lift and began the corresponding procedures. While Africa, whose age is unknown, she was transferred to a city hospital to receive medical attention with her family.

For its part, the government of Puerto Vallarta, headed by Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, offered its condolences to the family through social networks. In this statement they recognized the bravery of the man and described him as a hero.

“With deep sorrow, today we bid farewell to a man who gave his life to save that of a little girl. This administration that I lead recognizes the courage and solidarity of César Guadalupe Chávez Medrano. And we join in the grief that overwhelms their family and friends, wishing with all our heart that the consolation and resignation come to them soon. Today leaves us a hero who will always be remembered by all Vallartans“Said the statement.

The municipal president assured that the family will be supported with whatever is needed for the funeral. However, he expressed that this will be done in a discreet way so that it is not “misinterpreted or politicized by electoral processes.”

The government of Puerto Vallarta thanked the man's actions (Photo: Facebook / Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

The government of Puerto Vallarta thanked the man’s actions.

Local media reported that Municipal Public Services will be in charge of the burial, the Puerto Vallarta DIF will take the funeral expenses and Social Development will provide the space, furniture and necessary supplies.

César Guadalupe was a waiter at the Entrada del Sol restaurant and lived on Benito Juárez Street, in the Ixtapa delegation. At the moment it is not known if his family wants to pay tributes or any recognition for the man.

The 2021 Pacific Ocean hurricane season started slightly earlier than expected.

Although meteorologists indicate that this period usually starts on May 15, the first tropical depression, called UNO-E, came forward and formed during the early hours of this Sunday, May 9, off the Mexican coast.

The 2021 Pacific Ocean hurricane season started a little earlier than expected (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The 2021 Pacific Ocean hurricane season started a little earlier than expected.

As reported in its report by the National Meteorological Service (SMN), at 4:00 in the morning, Central Mexico time, the vortex of the system was located 675 kilometers southwest of Punta San Telmo, in Michoacán, and 1,035 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur.

According to the climate agency, the cyclone already reaches maximum sustained winds of 55 kilometers per hour, with stronger gusts that touch 75 km / h. Throughout the day, it will generate rains in the west, center and south of the country.

“For today, tropical depression UNO-E will be located off the coast of Jalisco and will increase the probability of rains in western, central and southern Mexico, very strong in Michoacán, strong in Jalisco and showers in Colima, all accompanied by electric shocks and possible hail fall ”, indicated the SMN.

From the meteorological agency of the National Water Commission, they asked the population to take extreme precautions in the face of the 2021 hurricane season, and to keep abreast of the information published by the state units of Civil Protection.

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