Maryfer Centeno accepted America’s superiority over Cruz Azul (GlobeLiveMedia México/ Twitter @CruzAzul)

As part of the activities of the 15th day of the Clausura 2023 de Liga MX, Blue Cross received a visit from american club in the Aztec Stadium play in another edition of the young classic of Mexican football. Despite the fact that celestial machine started with a momentary win, couldn’t keep the result and ended up losing 1 – 3.

This result provoked the anger and disappointment of his fans, among whom was Mariefer Centenoa graphologist who is also a fan of cement workers. Once again the defeat of Cruz Azul against the Eaglesthe body language analyst sent a strong message to the board of directors of the great wheel and demanded an explanation.

Through her social networks, Maryfer Centeno has accepted that the Coapa team already has the superiority over the celestialfor which he regretted that the team as well as the board of directors do not take measures to change the conditions that are lived in each young classic.

Maryfer Centeno regretted that Cruz Azul did not live up to her fans (Twitter/ @CruzAzul)
Maryfer Centeno regretted that Cruz Azul did not live up to her fans (Twitter/ @CruzAzul)

When the graphologist accepted the America’s superiority over Cruz Azul It was due to the fact that he had retweeted a post that said the following sentence “beating Cruz Azul is no longer a joke”, so the too influencer He said: “What you say hurts me but it’s true.”

Following this, the specialist underlined her point of view since she recognized that the team currently led by Ricardo tuca Ferretti is no longer “at the level” of the supporters who follow and encourage the team on a daily basis, for which he regretted the situation experienced by the La Noria team on the Azteca pitch.

“You have to say it even if it hurts. Cruz Azul is no match for its fans”

Maryfer Centeno accepted America's superiority over Cruz Azul (Twitter/ @Grafocafe)
Maryfer Centeno accepted America’s superiority over Cruz Azul (Twitter/ @Grafocafe)

Because the graphologist He became popular for his different analyzes on various topics including sports, some netizens wondered why he supported Cruz Azul, but some agreed that the celestial machine They no longer have authority against America despite playing at home.

It is for this reason that Marifer Centeno ended with a claim to the team tuca Ferrettidemanded an explanation of what happened in the Colossus of Saint Ursula where the team ended up playing with one less element after Michael Estrada was sent off.

“Until when @CruzAzul? Tell your fans what’s going on so they know what we stand for and what expectations to have.”

In the first minutes of the match, Cruz Azul dominated the lawn of the Colossus of Saint Ursula and he had different chances to increase the gap to the score since he took possession of the ball, he even took charge of opening the scoring at minute 12 with a score of Uriel Antuna.

After a defensive error by Álvaro Fidalgo, the ball ended up at Antuna’s feet, so – facing goal – he was encouraged to shoot Luis Malagón’s goal to score the first of the game. Until then, Cruz Azul controlled the game.

The tie came at minute 42 through Alejandro Zendejas, on an impossible shot for Jesús Corona. Despite the fact that before half-time he had the opportunity to maintain equality, an expulsion changed the panorama of the cement workers.

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