Binacional won 5-3 against Sp. Huancayo in the match played this Sunday for the 12th day of Peru – Liga 1 Betsson 2023. The goals of the match for the local were scored by Brayan Fernández (4′ 1T), Yonatan Murillo (13′ 1T), Brandon Palacios (47′ 1T and 33′ 2T) and Andy Polar (13′ 2T). While the away goals were scored by Ronal Huaccha (2′ 2T, penalty), Carlos Jiménez (12′ 2T) and Marcos Lliuya (26′ 2T).

Yonatan Murillo rocked the stadium with his definition in the 13th minute of the first leg. After receiving a corner kick from the right from Jack Durán, the defender took up position in the big box, finished with a header and the ball went into the goalkeeper’s left post.

Brandon Palacios was the figure of the game. The Deportivo Binacional midfielder was the author of 2 goals and finished the goal 2 times.

Brayan Fernández was also important. The Deportivo Binacional striker scored 1 goal and finished the opposing goal 6 times.

The course of the match was very tight and intense, with more nerves than game. There were several admonitions: Hugo Ángeles, Ángel Pérez, Diego Enríquez, Carlos Jiménez and Jimmy Pérez.

Binacional technical director Darío Franco proposed a 4-4-2 strategy with Diego Enríquez in goal; Jack Durán, Stiwar Mena, Yonatan Murillo and Anthony Rosell on the defensive line; Freddy Oncoy, Ángel Romero, Brandon Palacios and Andy Polar in the middle; and Brayan Fernández and Jefferson Cáceres in attack.

For their part, those led by Mifflin Bermúdez stopped with a 4-3-3 pattern with Ángel Zamudio under the three sticks; Ángel Pérez, Rodrigo Colombo, Jimmy Valoyes and Hugo Ángeles in defense; Ricardo Salcedo, Donald Millán and Marcos Lliuya in midfield; and Carlos Ross, Juan David Pérez and Ronal Huaccha up front.

Referee Jordi Espinoza Valles was chosen to carry out the actions of the match.

On the next date, Binational will travel to Cienciano and Sp. Huancayo will play at home against ADT de Tarma at Huancayo Stadium.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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