Maru Botana remembered Facundo

On September 21, 2088, Maru Botana He received the worst news of his life. Her son Facundo, barely six months old, had died suddenly. At that time, the pastry chef was on vacation with her husband, Bernard Solaand the rest of his children: Agustin, Lucia, Matias, Sofia there santiagoso the baby had been left in the care of her grandmother, Susanna. The feeling of anguish was therefore even greater.

Maru, however, continued to focus on her family. And some time later she became the mother of Juan Ignacio e Agnes. However, he could never get over the pain of losing his son, whom he remembers on every birthday. And, this Sunday, he took to his Instagram account to dedicate some heartfelt words to himself on the day he would have turned 15.

“Happy birthday my darling, today is your day, our day. On this day, we celebrate the power of carrying on and feeling lighter. That was the tagline, and this backpack of stones, s improve every year, and you are always with me. Facu today I want to post a photo of a blog that a guy that I have not met yet, and that I would like to meet. Someone ‘one who posted it the same day you left and helped me connect with everyone and they are writing to help me,’ the post began.

And he continued, “This particular week, I know I’m different, things are harder for me, and missing you makes me quit. But I think you mostly send me a week with everything so that I can’t stay in sadness but go in joy. In those days you sent me especially moments of much love from my people, those who are always there. It impresses me a lot, because even though my heart is sad these days, the love of everyone in different situations has helped me a lot.”

Botana ended his tribute, which he filled with heart emojis, saying: “I miss you very much and especially today that I remember your whole birth, the desire to hug you makes me emotional, but I could, we could and that’s the most. You left us a lot Facu, and today especially I understand that you were a little, but your life in our family has left traces. Above all, the love you left in the family kept us going and not going down. It’s my 15th birthday party thank you and I always have you in my ”.

The heartbreaking message of Maru Botana
The heartbreaking message of Maru Botana

“I always wanted in my life to have strong, independent and happy children. And that’s what I want”, said Maru a few days ago in an interview he had granted to if it happens, it happens, on Radio Rivadavia. In that note, the pastry chef said her 21-year-old daughter, Lucía, was in Hawaii. “He stayed for about four months and it’s already the second year he’s been doing it. She is going to work as a servant. And she’s happy,” he said.

And he said he had already had the experience of having a son living abroad with the eldest. “Agus was caught by the pandemic while in Belgium and didn’t know when he could travel. I was alone in an apartment. And I told him, ‘Don’t come back. So he went to Barcelona and stayed there,” he said. And he added: “With everything I’ve been through, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. For me, situations must be experienced. I gained everything I have and it cost me. And I like very much to live what touched me”.

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