Passengers affected by the closure of Viva Air operations can sue the low-cost airline at the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

The closure of low-cost airline operations live air created many difficulties for domestic and foreign passengerswho have seen their rights as such violated by not being able to travel to their destinations when they had planned.

However, the Civil Aeronautics (Aerocivil) and four airlines (LATAM, Avianca, Easyfly and Satena) they found solutions for many of them and reserved seats for them on other flights.

So, despite the fact that Viva Air has stopped working, there is still hope that it will work again, mainly, if its approval is given. integration with Avianca.

For this reason and thinking about what can happen later, Aerocivil has published a model so that those who have had their rights violated bring legal action against Viva Air in the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC).

This can be done in four steps. They are:

– Virtually on site using the application on demand.

– File your complaint following the suggested template which must be sent by post [email protected].

– On the same model, file your claim in person at Cra. 7 No. 31A – 36, 3rd floor, in the city of Bogotá DC

– Submit your request within the points of attention and orientation towards the consumer that the SIC has set up in the various airports of the country.

In the template, you need to fill in some data, among which surnames and first names of the applicant, identification number, address of the applicant, type of flight (national or international), services purchased and dates.

It should be noted that the Civil Aeronautics (Aerocivil) and the airlines that have decided to help counter the crisis generated by live air having ceased operations since February 28, alleging financial crisiswhich has generated chaos in passenger transport, they have made a new decision on what is happening in the air market.

According to the airline, with LATAM, Avianca, Easyfly and Satenawhich since that day have been mobilizing passengers on national and international lines depending on the availability of seats and as part of a free process, has decided to extend the emergency measures until the next 8 March.

“During this week, new provisions will be evaluated, as well as their duration in time, to try to mitigate the impact on passengers who have scheduled trips with Viva Air”, reports Aerocivil.

Around noon on February 2, the SCI unexpectedly intervened in the offices of Avianca in Bogotá and of Viva Air in Rionegro (Antioch) For inspect documents and mail between the two companies.

SIC is seeking to establish whether there was a premeditated joint plan regarding the suspension of Viva Air service, to generate contingency and pressure for the national government and the Aerocivil accept the alliance between Avianca and Viva Air.

If documents are found, the SIC reports that the free competition regime in the Colombian air market has been violated.

On the other hand, a meeting which would be scheduled for Thursday 2 March, National Government, with Aerocivil, the Ministry of Transport and the Superintendence of Transportthe draft of the document containing the resolution with which the executive would enter to intervene in the airline would be presented live air due to the massive cancellation of domestic flights, according to information from Snail radio.

The station also noted that the Superintendent of Transportation, Ayda Lucy Ospinahad a meeting with its legal advisers, who recommended the importance of intervening with the airline in order to protect users who have purchased flights with this low-cost airline.

Ospina would already be contemplating all the details of the Colombian state intervention to the airline Viva Air to avoid possible unforeseen events in the coming days due to further cancellations on domestic flights.

The above would be in line with March 1 statements by the Minister of Transport, William Reyes, who stressed that the national government does not exclude the intervention of the air market in order to protect Colombian users who access this service.

“We are analyzing the adoption of measures, all those necessary, for market players to commit to continuing to operate under conditions that benefit users,” Reyes said in statements issued by the Presidency of the Republic. .

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