The Excalibur marker in Roblox Find the Markers requires you to complete an in-depth quest to clear multiple obbies for your Excalibur sword. Naturally, as a marker of extreme difficulty, the challenges you’ll face on your journey are far from easy. While there is no obby that we would consider nearly impossible, you can expect it to take at least half an hour or more to unlock the Excalibur marker.

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Find the Excalibur Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

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The Excalibur Marker location in Roblox Find the Markers is inside a secret Magma Cave in the Washable Realm Dragon Cliff. After entering the realm through the invisible staircase in the Abandoned City, climb Dragon Cliff until you reach the giant ribcage on the mountainside. Pan the camera south to reveal a small cave entrance on a small shelf sticking out of the cliff. Drop down and enter the cave to begin your Roblox quest.

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Inside the magmatic cave of Dragon Cliff, you will find a blue sword. These colored swords serve as checkpoints for your progress and as keys to enter the different colored rooms of the lava cavern. Each room has a different lobby, but they all contain similar mechanics, with moving platforms that are activated by drawing a sword, or doors that stay open for a period of time before closing. The Excalibur marker in Roblox Find the Markers is inside the yellow room, but you need to pass all previous rooms to unlock it.

Find the White Sword in Find the MarkersGamepur screenshot

Once you finally gain access to the yellow room, you will find the Excalibur marker in Roblox. Find the markers at the top of the small peak in the cave. The first time you encounter this marker, you cannot add it to your index until you collect its Excalibur sword. This sword is in the white room hidden in the rock shelf near the main entrance. After drawing the sword, return to the Excalibur marker to claim your extreme difficulty collectible on Roblox.


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