This friday in Italy, Alessandro Alleruzzo, a member of the Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia, and son of one of the chiefs of the local clans was arrested.

The charge against him is the murder of his sister Nunzia, which was committed in 1995 supposedly for “redeem the family honor” since she had extramarital affairs and had left her husband.

In a note from the Catania Carabinieri it is explained that Alleruzzo murdered his sister with two shots to the head, as was found after finding her body buried in a field three years later, for “wash your honor” due to the alleged relationships she had with other men “including criminals considered enemies of the family”.

Alleruzzo, 47, is the son of the late clan chief, who in the 1970s and 1980s led the group of Cosa Nostra from the town of Paternó, protagonist of a bloody mafia war against members of the Santapaola clan of Palermo. In the 1990s, after being arrested and after his wife and other son were killed, he decided to collaborate with the justice system.

It was the father who from prison ordered that the location of his daughter’s body be indicated so that he could bury her.

Only recently as a result of the statements of three collaborators of the justice system (Francesco Bonomo, Antonino Calió and Orazio Farina) it was possible to reconstruct that Nunzia was murdered by her own brother.

Bonomo reported having learned from Giovanni Messsina and Calió that Nunzia’s murder had been committed by her brother Alessandro, thus redeeming the honor of the family, violated by the fact that her sister had had numerous romantic relationships with members of the clan, leaving her husband.

On May 30, 1995, Nunzia Alleruzzo’s five-year-old son said he saw his mother leave the house with his uncle Alessandro, but no further evidence had been obtained until the statements of the ex-gangster collaborators of Justice.

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