President of Italy waited his turn in a public hospital in Rome and was vaccinated

President of Italy waited his turn in a public hospital in Rome and was vaccinated

The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, 79, was vaccinated this Tuesday against the coronavirus in a public hospital in Rome. The president waited his turn like any citizen, according to the strict priorities dictated by the government for vaccination.

Mattarella was by the side along with other summoned people, born in 1941, who were installed in armchairs at a distance and with masks.

As vaccination of people born in 1941 is ongoing in Rome, President Mattarella was vaccinated this morning against COVID-19 at the Spallanzani Institute.” Informed the presidency in a statement.

According to his spokesman, the head of state received the first dose of the vaccine Modern.

Mattarella, who will turn 80 in July, wants to set an example for Italians, because some local political leaders have taken the opportunity to get vaccinated before their turn, without respecting the established order.

Two days ago, the mayor of Corleone, in Sicily, announced his resignation after the scandal that his vaccination generated without respecting the priority.

Other local officials, such as the president of the Campania region (Naples region), Vincenzo De Luca, also took advantage of the privilege but has refused to resign.

According to the government’s vaccination plan, nursing home residents, their caregivers, people over 80 years of age, the police and teachers have priority.

The head of state’s vaccination comes a few hours after Italy exceeded the threshold of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus.

Getting vaccinated is a gesture of responsibility, a duty”, Mattarella had stated.

So far in Italy 5.4 million doses have been administered, in a population of 60 million, and only 1.65 million have already received the two doses necessary to be immunized, according to official figures.

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