Antonia Dell'Atte celebrates 61 years wasting Elegance

Antonia Dell’Atte celebrates 61 years wasting Elegance

The most controversial Italian in the media, today is her birthday. We are talking about Antonia Dell’Atte, the one who was Alessandro Lequio’s partner and the one who ended up speaking ill of Ana Obregón when she began her romantic relationship with the television collaborator some time after he settled hers. The truth is that television presenter has always shown to have a unique humor and has set the bar very high in all her public appearances.Today, Antonia turns 61 years old and she does it being in one of her best personal moments and wearing an enviable physical figure. It seems that time does not pass by his face or by that elegance that he always gives off when he goes to an event, photocall or work commitment. Always with a smile on her face in recent years, Clemente’s mother has shown her best side as a comedian on social networks, especially in times of pandemic.

That is why Antonia Dell’Atte has had the best years on television in her last television stage, since in the Masterchef contest we were able to see her more human and natural side, although also discussions with some of her colleagues. Today, the television presenter celebrates 61 years setting style with those changes of looks so original and personal, but above all being that example of elegance at home, the place she goes.


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