In Antioquia, they ask citizens to return the oxygen tanks they no longer use

In Antioquia, they ask citizens to return the oxygen tanks they no longer use

In the midst of an increase in patients with respiratory symptoms in Antioquia, the department’s Health Secretariat asked users who have oxygen concentrators in their possession, which they are no longer using, to return them to their health centers.

The idea is to decongest Antioquia hospital services, and that those patients who enter the clinics for respiratory conditions can be treated at home with medical teams.

According to what Luis Enrique Valencia, a member of the Analysis Room, explained, he explained, in a dialogue with RCN Radio, that these medical teams are essential for recovery since they supply between 2 and 5 liters of oxygen per minute.

“The availability of these equipment is limited. Therefore, the invitation is for patients to return them to their EPS, since they are delivered as a loan and are one of the main therapies for the management of covid-19 in patients moderately affected by the disease”, he pointed.

The station highlighted that, according to the Andi Chamber of Industrial and Medicinal Gases, between 8% and 10% of the oxygen cylinders that are delivered to the population, as a loan, are not returned to the companies that distribute them. .

“It is necessary to have these equipment to perform oxygen therapy at home, a treatment that can save lives and reduce the pressure on emergency services and hospitalization by initiating timely care with oxygen support”, Valencia assured for the station.

The request comes just at the same time as the announcement of the arrival of about 32 professionals who are part of the ‘Colombia Mission’ to Medellín, which seeks to care for critical coronavirus patients at Hospital La María.

“By restricting outpatient surgeries, we are going to have the personnel of these surgeries, not only the anesthesiologists, but also the high-flow and oxygen equipment, so that we can use them in this occupation of the operating rooms. If we have any respiratory symptoms it is necessary that we isolate ourselves and consult the EPS”, assured, at the time, the Secretary of Health of Antioquia, Lina María Bustamante.

The program, aimed at addressing the red alert that was declared in Antioquia at the end of March, it is made up of doctors, nurses, therapists and volunteer aides who were previously in the Amazon to attend an emergency similar to that of Antioquia.

Last Sunday night, the governor in charge of the department, Luis Fernando Suárez, signed a decree that extends, until April 19, the measures to contain the advance of covid-19.

There restrictions were established such as curfews, dry law and pico, and cedula. The decision is made for an ICU bed occupancy reaches up to 91%, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

According to the latest report on the progress of the National Vaccination Plan in Antioquia, issued by the Sectional Health Secretariat, a total of 323,007 doses against COVID-19 have been applied to date in the department.

The city has received, by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, a total of 64,260 Pfizer vaccines for all healthcare personnel. Of these, 56,060 have been applied, for an execution of 87.2%.

From Sinovac, the city has received 125,677 vaccines for the first, second application and stage 2. A total of 107,867 vaccines have been applied, for an execution of 85.8%.

From AstraZeneca, 28,320 vaccines for people over 70 years of age, stage 2, have been received in the city. In total, 2,203 doses have been applied, for an execution of 7.7%.

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