Neymar participated in a poker tournament after the defeat against Lille and won 1,749 euros

Neymar participated in a poker tournament after the defeat against Lille and won 1,749 euros

This saturday, Neymar did not have his best day with the Paris Saint Germain elastic either. The Brazilian was the protagonist on the field of play for a set in which he did not have the ball, and that is that after facing Tiago Djalo he was expelled again and had to watch from the changing rooms how his team lost against the new league leader French, Lille (0-1).

After a very hot confrontation, the PSG forward decided to relax at home by giving free rein to one of his favorite hobbies: poker.

He reached the final table and was in sixth position

The joy could have been greater for the Brazilian, although it can be said that thanks to poker he managed to end the day with a less carefree face with which he had to leave the Parc des Princes in Paris.

Neymar participated in an online poker tournament, according to the French media ‘RMC Sports‘, during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday and achieved no less than the sixth best position. 1,749 euros was the figure that reached his profit in this tournament, so his experience was not all bad.

This is how the classification remained after the tournament, with Neymar in sixth position
RMC Sports

The Brazilian is known for many hobbies, and among them poker figures prominently, and even more so after he is one of the ambassadors of ‘Poker Stars‘, one of the most famous gaming sites in the world.

The footballer participated in the Spring Championship of Online Poker tournament and he got to participate in the final table, from which he ended up getting this considerable figure, although for the Brazilian it may be insignificant.

It is clear that poker has become Neymar’s best refuge for the bad news that he has received again on the field of play, such as the defeat of PSG that also puts the French league on fire.

His expulsion further aggravated this unfortunate day for Pochettino’s men, although it could be said that thanks to the bets the Brazilian has managed to boost his morale in the face of the decisive match they will play this week against Bayern Munich.

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