Barby Franco and Fernando Burlando with their baby Sarah

Barbie Franco has been going through a difficult period since her little girl Sarahfruit of its relationship with Fernando Burlando, is hospitalized. The two-month-old baby was admitted to the Argentine Institute for Diagnosis and Treatment on Saturday with a fever and has been under observation since, according to journalist Gonzalo Vázquez on Monday. Intruders.

The baby who is 3 months old this week has a urinary tract infection and for this reason he is being given intravenous antibiotics. Both Franco and Burlando were with the baby all weekend waiting for medical professionals to release her so the three of them could go home.

Barby hasn’t taken her daughter away for a second all weekend and has even preferred not to receive visitors while waiting for Sarah to come out. As for Burlando, he spoke on TV about Sarah’s health, saying, “She’s fantastic. The fat woman had a little fever today, I was coming from Expo Agro and I came to see her very worried. Now I’m going home.”

Barby Franco and Fernando Burlando’s daughter has been admitted

A few days after Sarah’s birth, mocker was interviewed in the cycle One by one of Zeta Republic and gave details of Barby’s huge struggle to become a mother. “We have done everything, scientifically we have covered everything, with a lot of disappointments. Along the way, there are always things that don’t go your way. Saritah came alone, without treatment and without any form of help. For me it is an absolute blessing”, assured the lawyer who was already the father of Maria and Delfina from a previous marriage.

When asked what Sarah looked like, she answered without hesitation: “She looks like me. Every person who looks at her says she’s beautiful and they tell me she looks like me. The ego does not enter my body. Additionally, he spoke about the choice of the little girl’s first name: “We had several well-placed first names. Ema was leading the way, but I didn’t want to get involved because I wanted Barby to choose everything, I knew how much she was enjoying the whole situation. Sarah was in the script and I indirectly convinced Barby.”

Remember that last July and after five years of research, Barby and Fernando said that they were going to be parents. Later they revealed that it was a girl with an unusual shape. They shared a video in which they were seen walking across the field and looking up at the sky as a small plane belched out pink smoke. “Our sweet daughter, so desired, so sought after, so long awaited. We love you dad, mom and all your friends,” she wrote. After 9 months, the couple announced the baby girl’s arrival on their social networks. “Hi world! I love you @burlandofernando the princess has arrived… We are very lucky! The best team in the world,” the model wrote.

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