The president of Congress, José Williams, gave a speech for the 200 years of the Parliament. Photo: Congress Flickr

The serious political crisis continues, despite the fact that there are no more protests in Lima and the interior regions of the country, with its negative effect on the popularity of the authorities who run the Executive power there Legislative. This is concluded after a new public opinion survey on the performance of the president of the republic, To Boluarteand the management of Jose Williams.

According to the recent study by CPIbroadcast by RPP Noticias, mentions that Boluarte Zegarra registers a disapproval of 76.1% of citizens. Breaking down this figure, in the regions there is more rejection against the president with 78.7%. The domain of central and southern sierrathe image of resistance to the president reaches 89.5%.

Meanwhile, 20.1% support Boluarte and 8.2% have no opinion on the subject. On the other hand, the pollster asks another question to his interlocutors concerning corruption in the current regime.

58.1% consider that, under this government, the Corruption increased, while 35% believe it remains the same from previous presidential administrations. Only 4.7% consider that it has decreased.

Photos of the endorsement of President Boluarte and Congress.
Photos of the endorsement of President Boluarte and Congress.

On the other hand, the role of Congress of the Republic it is still very negative.

According to the result of the CPI survey, disapproval of national representation reaches 90.2% nationwide. Of this number, 93.5% come from central and southern highlands of the country. Meanwhile, 84.6% is Metropolitan of Lima.

Meanwhile, their approval is 6.5% and 3.3% have no opinion on this issue.

According to a CPI survey published by RPP News80.3% of Peruvians want general elections, both for the presidency and the Congress, introduce yourself yes or yes for this year. The figure is a considerable increase of ten percentage points from what was recorded in January when it stood at 70.9%.

In the breakdown of the result, eight out of ten citizens believe that new elections are the only alternative to end political uncertainty. And if we go into more detail: 69.4% in Lima there callao supports the advance, while 86.7% think the same inside Peru.

CIC investigation.
CIC investigation.

On the other hand, 18.1% of those questioned declared themselves against this measure. While 1.7% have no opinion on the subject.

You must remember that the Constitution and Regulation Commissionled by Legislator Fujimori Hernando Guerra Garciawill meet tomorrow to continue the discussion of the prediction that allows the election to advance.

For the moment, there is already a text which proposes the renewal of the Executive there Legislative In December of this year and the change of command took place in April 2024. Does not include representatives of Andean Parliament and neither one referendum consult the population if they wish the installation of a constituent Assembly write a new Magna Carta.

So far, three proposals have been rejected. early elections 2023.

Constitutional Commission.  (Cogress)
Constitutional Commission. (Cogress)

The first came from people force who proposed that the elections be held in December of this year and, later, the members of Congress and the president of the republic, Dina Boluarte Zegarra, complete their respective assignments on April 29 and 30, 2024, respectively. However, the Plenary rejected it.

Then the second was developed by Free Peru which planned to hold the elections within the next 120 days. This was also intended to include consultation with citizens to convene a constituent Assembly, this in order to change the Constitution. There was no consensus either and it ended up being archived.

Finally, the Government general election proposals for the second week of October. Thus, on December 31 and 29, the presidential and congressional terms ended respectively. The Andean Parliament, meanwhile, would have continued its management until December 31, 2026.

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