Germany gives green light to a “restricted suspension” of Russia in the Swift system

Germany gives green light to a “restricted suspension” of Russia in the Swift system

Germany was the last country to refuse a suspension of Russia in the Swift international payment system and finally gives its arm to twist, at least partially. The federal government that he chairs has finally ruled in favor of a “specific and functional” restriction of the system as a sanction against Russia and is working “under great pressure, on how the collateral damage of a decoupling of Russia from the Swift can be limited , from in such a way that it affects only the right people,” according to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck, both Greens. “No EU member state” blocks the sanction, confirmed a representative of the French Presidency.

Baerbock had warned on ARD on Friday of ” massive collateral damage ” from Swift’s exclusion from Russia and also referred to possible energy bottlenecks in case Putin, reacting to Swift’s exclusion, may for his part limit the flow of Russian gas to German deposits.

This decision comes after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held telephone conversations on Saturday with the heads of government of Lithuania and Poland , who have also finished overcoming German resistance to sending weapons to Ukraine. For the first time, the federal government has announced that it would send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles from Bundeswehr reserves to Kiev. Scholz wrote on Twitter: “The Russian attack marks a turning point . It is our duty to do everything possible to support Ukraine in its defense against #Putin’s invading army. That’s why we’re delivering 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles to our friends in #Ukraine.”

It has also granted the Netherlands and Estonia two permits to export German weapons. The German arms export law establishes that its clients cannot sell the products to third countries in conflict areas and “given the situation, the license is justified” this time, the government has communicated, referring to 400 anti-tank rocket launchers and 9 D-30 howitzers and ammunition. Germany is also preparing to deliver some 10,000 tons of fuel to Ukraine through Poland.

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