Bungie and Destiny 2 had quite a busy weekend as there was a massive leak a few days ago revealing a ton of plans and changes coming to the game. Bungie revealed that the leak followed a creator event where streamers and other influencers got to learn more about the future of the title, and that one of those attendees was the source of the leak.

Bungie confirmed in a tweet: “Community interaction and engagement is fundamental to Bungie and our games. For years, we’ve invited creators and other community members to confidential summits to give us their thoughts on the future Destiny This is a much appreciated part of the process, but it relies heavily on trust.

“Breaches of this trust could prevent us from hosting further summits. We take these breaches very seriously and are taking steps to strengthen our policies towards guests of these internal meetings.”

Although Bungie did not name the accused culprit, Forbes has since published an article revealing that the accused person is the creator of the content Ekueganand that after this incident he was banned from Destiny 2, and that Bungie deleted many of his old videos.

Ekuegan has since said he wasn’t behind the leaks, but Bungie seems to be sure of the situation and has even revealed that they will stop collaborating with the influencer and won’t invite him to future events. Apparently, studio Destiny also said they consider the matter closed and will not be pursuing legal action over the situation.

The leaks detail much of what’s to come in the next “season” of Destiny 2, the season of the deepand also everything that this season 23 will bring.

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