Explosion in the north of Bogotá leaves one dead and several people injured

Explosion in the north of Bogotá leaves one dead and several people injured

A strong explosion was registered on the morning of Tuesday, April 20, in the town of Engativá in the city of Bogotá, near the Jaboque wetland.

Authorities explained to Blu Radio that the explosion occurred inside a wooden warehouse. For now in the first report it is concluded that there is a dead person, several people injured and at least 13 houses affected.

Firefighters from the Garcés Navas, Ferias and Puente Aranda stations are already at the scene of the explosion to try to control the fire that was generated together with the Metropolitan Police that is also in the area to help deal with the emergency.

“If you move around Villas del Dorado in Engativá and you must go through Carrera 109 with Calle 68C, you we recommend taking alternate routes. Our units attend to an emergency in the place ”, the Bogotá Fire Department warned on Twitter.

The firefighters also reported that the situation is under control and a specialized investigation group is determining the causes of the fire.

We already have the situation under control. We have in place with more than 10 uniformed personnel and 2 Extinguishing Machines. We activated our Specialized Fire Investigation Group to determine the causes of the incident,” the institution wrote.


For now, the area is insured and the presence of ambulances from the Ministry of Health is being requested to attend to the injured people.

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