Duván Vergara is the most valuable player in the Colombian league

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Duván Vergara (i) from America. EFE / Gabriel Aponte / Archive

Duvan vergara has become one of the jewels of Colombian professional football for its quality, imbalance and dribbling, put at the service of America from Cali. His talent was decisive in the two-time championship of the ‘scarlet’ team and he skyrocketed his value in the transfer market, to the point that he became the most expensive player in the league. BetPlay League, according to data from Transfermarkt.

In the last update of the portal specialized in transfers, the 24-year-old footballer was valued at 4.5 million euros. Its valuation was 3.4 million euros, with respect to the April revision, that is to say that its valuation had an increase of 309%.

At the end of last year, and the beginning of this, rumors of Vergara’s departure to balo began to surroundoutside mpié and the highest shareholder of the Valle del Cauca team, Tulio Gomez, explained the situation of the skilled player, in dialogue with Planet Soccer, from Antena 2.

“Several offers have arrived, but there is not one that benefits us. The idea is that he goes to a good club and that the two institutions are satisfied. If not, he will stay with us for the Copa Libertadores, which is a very good showcase for him “, said the leader, a couple of weeks ago.

The monterian is escorted by Jaminton Campaz, in the ranking of the most valuable of the national income. The sports player Tolima has a value of 3.8 million euros, 600 thousand euros more than in April of last year. The luxury trident closes it Miguel Angel Borja, of the Junior; its price in the market is 3.5 million euros and it lost the first place in the ranking.

The most valuable foreigners who signed the BetPlay League clubs

Transfermarkt also revealed the top five of the most expensive foreign players that were linked by local championship teams. The fifth place is from the Costa Rican Jose Guillermo Ortiz, who has a value of 650 thousand euros and was signed by Deportes Tolima. The fourth position belongs to the Uruguayan Jonatan Álvez, from Atlético Nacional, valued at 700 thousand euros.

The bronze is in the hands of another ‘charrúa’, Matías Mier, footballer of Independiente Medellín that costs 750 thousand euros and the silver in those of the Argentine Fabian Sambueza, of the Junior, which has a value of 900 thousand euros. The creditor of the first place is his compatriot, the defender Emanuel Olivera, evaluated in 1.4 million euros and who joined as a reinforcement of the ‘purslane’ painting.

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