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The moving letter to Williams after the Super Cup: “I am that girl who lost her mother”

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Iñaki Williams put on the hero costume last night to score a real goal in the final of the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona, with a tie on the scoreboard, in extra time, with the right, for the squad. Countless throats screamed a goal as he clutched the shield of the team of his life, but for some this goal meant much more than others. It is the case of a young Twitter user who wanted to send a message of thanks to the Athletic Club striker on behalf of her mother, sadly passed away from cancer.

The magic of social networks has caused the letter to become a viral phenomenon with more than 21,000 interactions until it has finally fulfilled its goal: for Williams to read its message and even give it a ‘Like’ full of emotion. “I have taken the liberty of dedicating a few words to you, Iñaki Williams. Hope you read it“, he expressed.

“In the middle of all this celebration, I want to dedicate a few words to you, although you probably don’t even remember me. I am that girl who lost her mother in 2018 to cancer, a mother who supported you as I have never seen her support a soccer player. She never doubted you, “he begins by expressing in his text.

“I’m that girl who asked whoever it was to listen to her, a video to cheer up her mother while she was hospitalized. And you listened to me, and you sent me your shirt signed by the entire staff for my mother, to give her strength, and with some precious messages, “he continues, revealing the great detail of the ram in the past.

“AND, Although we lost her before receiving your gift, I am more than sure that now she is in a better place celebrating this victory, celebrating your goal. This, gentlemen, is Athletic. I love you, Iñaki. Hopefully I will give you that long-awaited hug soon, “he concluded, these beautiful words accompanied by a photograph in which Williams appears kissing the newly won trophy, the third Athletic Club Spanish Super Cup.

Melissa Galbraith
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