Mourino hides the Data of his most Controversial Subscriber Campaign

Mourino hides the Data of his most Controversial Subscriber Campaign

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Celta’s subscriber campaign follows the surreal path that he inaugurated in his presentation. The deadline to register or renew the card ended last Friday, but the olívica entity has not yet offered any type of information three days later. His argument is disconcerting: “There is a lot of data to polish,” say sources from the Olívico group.

The absence of information is a constant in Celta and the season ticket campaign has not been an exception either. They presented the campaign on November 13 and took three weeks to provide the first data, which was five thousand renewals and highs. The next point of information was on December 11, curiously the day after AS highlighted that the fans were turning their backs on Mouriño. They then claimed that the number had risen to almost 8,000 subscribers.

Only a week later, Carlos Mouriño assured in the shareholders’ meeting that the social mass was already twelve thousand members, a really poor figure for a club of the Celta entity. The initial term of the subscriber campaign expired on December 31, but the club extended it until January 15. More than a month has passed since the last report and silence has settled in A Sede, perhaps as a strategy to avoid talking about the failure of a subscriber campaign that has outraged a large part of the fans.

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