March inflation could lead to higher interest rates to prevent the fixed term from becoming less attractive

Market estimates point to an increase in the rate which could be 3 points, to 81% nominal annual, so that the effective rate is positive

The market points to an increase of 3 points, to 81% annually

March inflation at 7.7% was higher than most analysts had expected and its first effect will be a likely rise in interest rates, which have now turned negative. If the Central Bank wishes to maintain the stability of the exchange rate and attenuate the inflationary movement, it has no alternative. To this measure, the Ecolatina firm adds the possibility of accelerating the pace of devaluation.

The free dollar is always at 400 pesos

He free dollar last week it hit $400 for the first time to sell, a psychological barrier it is holding this morning and is the all-time high for the currency in the informal market.

The dollar counted with liquidation rose three pesos on Friday to $407 while the MEP rose eight pesos to $396 per unit.

friday the central bank purchased $60 million before farm dollar income for $147 million. A currency sell-off of around $1.5 billion is expected this week.

The government has formalized a list of products that will be affected by regional dollar economies

The Ministry of Agriculture published a resolution in the Official Gazette, by which it pointed out the products of regional economies that will be covered by the differential exchange rate. The requirements to be met

Olives, are considered in government regulations for regional dollar economies
Olives, are considered in government regulations for regional dollar economies

There The Minister of Agricultureby means of the Resolution 138/2023 published today in the Official Journal, has made progress in implementing the regional economies in dollars which will be valid until August 31 and at a value of 300 pesos per dollar. The layout, which bears the signature of the domain owner Juan Jose Bahillo, determined the products that are achieved by the differential exchange rate.

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