Infernal possession: The awakening or What a vacation!, two of the most anticipated film premieres

Cinemas have recovered the comings and goings of spectators after several half-empty months, thanks in part to the success of Super Mario Bros: The Movie, adaptation that accumulates more than 15 million euros only in our country. However, the lack of equally striking film releases continues to cause concern, being Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 the only one who can restore hope. During, from April 17 to 23, 2023, up to 14 films are released in theaters, of which 4 or 5 may catch your attention.

Infernal Possession: Awakening

Terror is lucky, because after the success of M3GAN, vicious bear oh The communion girlnow it’s the turn of Infernal Possession: Awakeningthe long-awaited sequel to this franchise, which now returns with the story of two estranged sisters whose reunion is interrupted by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, pushing them into a battle for survival as they face the darkest version more terrifying family still. you can imagine. It is a sequel to the original trilogy and is backed by excellent reviews.

Which holiday !

You may like more or less but the success of Santiago Segura’s family cinema has pushed many directors to follow the same path. Con Which holiday ! The formula repeats itself: grandparents have to deal with rebellious children who will complicate their lives.

20,000 species of bees

Emotional story about transsexuality, featuring Sofia Otero, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz there Ane Gabarain. Coconut, only eight years old, does not fit in with the others and does not know why. everyone calls him Acknowledgement, but he does not recognize himself in this name or in the eyes of others. His mother Donkey, plunged into a professional and sentimental crisis, goes on vacation with her three children at her mother’s. His mother lives there Lita and his aunt heavy, related to beekeeping and honey production. But something will change in these three generations, at the same time…

Yes, I want… or not

Romantic comedy of those who are no longer made and arrives with bad reviews, starring Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon there Diane Keaton. Only for genre lovers and performers.

the wonder room

The life of Thelma takes a tragic turn when an accident plunges her 12-year-old son, Louis, into a coma. Determined to wake him up by all means, she accepts the crazy challenge of completing one by one the “10 things to do before the end of the world”., which the boy had written in his diary, to show him all the wonderful things life has to offer. This journey through her preteen son’s dreams will take her much further than she ever imagined, even rekindling her own will to live.

Other cinema releases from March 17 to 23, 2023

  • Coldplay – Music of the Spheres: Live at River Plate – April 19, 2023.
  • The daughter of all anger – April 21, 2023.
  • Hanna and the Monsters – April 21, 2023.
  • Tchaikovsky’s wife – April 21, 2023.
  • The Juniors and the imperial formula – April 21, 2023.
  • smoothness. the silences of the forest – April 21, 2023.
  • free – April 21, 2023.
  • To the books and the women that I sing – April 21, 2023.
  • time to love – April 21, 2023.

And remember that on Friday, March 28, 2023, it hits theaters Fateone of the most anticipated Spanish films of the year, Handsome is scared (new from Ari Aster) y Good manners.

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