After receiving feedback from those who tried it out through the Xbox Insider program, Microsoft admits that users didn’t like the new Xbox Home interface at all. Several of them, for example, described it as too messy and the background wasn’t visible enough, and one well-known gaming website’s criticism was that the new interface looked like a excellent Game Pass advertising. Ivy Krislovfrom Xbox Experiences, comments:

“You told us that the changes to the top of the homepage didn’t give you enough space to enjoy your backgrounds and that they were cluttered. We’re working to balance the experience, accessibility , functionality and needs of our community and provide you with a great and renewed Start experience.

Your previous custom home settings and backgrounds will revert to what they were before the experiences, and we’ll save your “new home” settings.”

All Xbox users can expect a redesigned interface this year.

The new interface was not well received, no.

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