Cuban in Hialeah is in prison for bloody murder

Cuban in Hialeah is in prison for bloody murder

Cuban Jesús Hernández, a Hialeah resident, was imprisoned for the bloody murder of his brother-in-law, who he stabbed 10 times to death.

The killer had already warned Alex Aguilera, his victim, that he would end his life. However, the now deceased never took the threat seriously and did not report it to the police authorities.

Hernández took advantage of when Aguilera slept peacefully on a sofa and surprised them with the first stab, which was followed by others until his brother-in-law was bled to death. The police managed to apprehend the murderer who will now face two charges, one for first degree murder and the other for aggravated assault.

For the time being, the judge denied bail to Hernández who will remain in a Miami-Dade County jail awaiting trial.

“Quite a few times his wife had been warned that this man was going to kill someone there, because the truth was noisy every day,” confessed Pedro Cortina, a neighbor of the victim who was interviewed by local media.

So far the reasons that led the Cuban to commit the homicidal act in his own sister’s house are unknown.

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