Much of the concept of the lightsaber is owed to the Star Wars planetary saga. And Disney is well aware that there is a huge market there. For young and old alike.

If we had to cite an object representing the cult saga Star Wars, we would say without any hesitation whatsoever the lightsaber. This weapon is present in all minds today, associated with the Jedis and their enemies, in ever more impressive battles that make young and old alike dream today.

Disney is constantly working to offer ever more realistic replicas. Here is the most successful model to date.

Disney unveils new, larger-than-life lightsaber

Lightsabers are probably one of the coolest sci-fi weapons we’ve seen, and over the years we’ve had a plethora of attempts to reproduce them as realistically as possible.

Unfortunately, the problem with the concept of the lightsaber is that the creators have to choose between making it a truly functional weapon or a weapon that mimics the effects seen in the Star Wars movies.

Able to expand and retract, just like in the movies

Last month, Disney organized a press event for its future Avengers campus. Although the event was not broadcast and no photos were taken, we learned that Josh D’Amaro, President of Disney Parks, demonstrated a new lightsaber capable of illuminate, expand and retract like those in movies.

For those who are wondering what this could possibly be like, know that Disney has since shared a video teaser for its Star Wars hotel: Galactic Starcruiser.

In the video in question, below, we can apparently see the lightsaber. According to Disney, these new lightsabers are still in development but will likely be available for sale once the hotel officially opens, sometime in 2022.

Unfortunately, at this stage we have no indication of the price of this accessory. Given that Disney already sells these “classic” lightsabers for $ 200, one imagines that the asking price should be higher, at least similar. To be continued !

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