Two-year-old girl died after falling from a tenth floor in Bogotá

Two-year-old girl died after falling from a tenth floor in Bogotá

Residents of the Tángara II complex, in the town of Bosa, south of Bogotá, reported at noon on Thursday, January 1, about the death of a child under two years of age. According to various reports, the little girl accidentally fell from the window of her apartment, on the 10th floor.

Merly Gómez, a relative of the girl, told several Colombian media that this was “a very happy baby, too happy, and the truth is very sad for what happened.”

She commented that the accident happened around 12:40 this afternoon. “They told me that, that it was an accident, that the window was not properly closed and that the baby went through the window, nothing more.”

According to Major Diego Rozo, commander of the Bosa Police, that “the alarms are immediately activated so that health organizations come to verify the situation, but unfortunately the minor dies on the spot.” Similarly, he confirmed that it was an accident.

According to other witnesses to the events, such as Ruby Lombana, who lives in the residential complex, both parents of the minor are very dismayed. “It was quite painful for everyone here,” she added, noting that the little girl’s family is poor, so a collection is being organized to cover funeral expenses.

According to Noticias Caracol, the family comes from Montería, a city to which they intend to return to carry out the burial and other funeral acts. At the moment no more details are known about the matter or how to collaborate with the expenses.

They have been busy days for the Bogota authorities in terms of protecting minors. It is enough to mention the case of little Sara Sofía Galván, who is now 77 days missing and about whom new information was obtained last night.

Sara Sofía Galván, baby missing since the end of January in the south of Bogotá

Sara Sofía Galván, baby missing since the end of January in the south of Bogotá.

RCN News released a testimony given by Carolina Galván, the girl’s mother, to the investigators of the Attorney General’s Office on March 31.

According to Galván’s account, Nilson Díaz, her sentimental partner, is responsible for the girl’s death, in events yet to be determined that occurred on January 27, 2021 and for having thrown the girl’s lifeless body to a spout.

Carolina’s story abounds in details about how both were indifferent to the girl’s symptoms and, after her death, lied to obtain the food voucher provided by the garden the girl attended.

Galván, who was a prostitute, reportedly went to work on January 27, but when he did not find clients, he returned home and found the girl sleeping, so he proceeded to rest.

But two hours later, the man woke her up: “At six in the afternoon Nilson stops to look at the girl, when he sends the children to the living room and calls me: ‘Caro, come on! When I see the girl dripping foam from her nose, then, I attacked myself to cry and cry and began to move the girl to wake up and no longer woke up”.

Sara Sofía’s mother reported that the man took care of her daughter’s body, after leaving her in her bed for a while: “We left her there for about half an hour and after a while Nilson takes a dark blue blanket. Nilson wrapped the whole girl from head to toe and put her in a white sack made of white fiber and left her in the living room”.

After the man left Sara Sofía’s body in the sack, they both went to sleep. Carolina Galván said that the other children, sons of man, they perceived that Sara Sofía was dead, they asked their father about the girl’s condition without him knowing how to explain the situation to them.

All four children realized that Sarita was dead. They asked what had happened to Sara and Nilson said that he did not know why that had happened. I couldn’t sleep and looked around the living room every so often to see if the girl suddenly heard her cry and could take her out.”

Meanwhile, the couple claimed the food voucher corresponding to the maintenance of Sara Sofía. According to the registry of the Prosecutor’s Office, this happened last Thursday, January 28; According to Carolina’s version, Nilson Díaz asked her to lie in the kindergarten where the girl studied:

There they asked me what happened to the girl. Before entering, Nilson had told me to say that he had left her taking care of a lady and that is what I said when they asked me about her”.

“They did give me the voucher there and we went home and the girl’s body was there, that is, it had been there since Wednesday night, which was when she died. Thursday all day and all night”.

The account of the actions of Díaz and García concluded on Friday, January 29, when the man told him that he had thrown Sara Sofía’s body into a pipe.

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