Despite the fact that on Friday the commemoration of the first month of the national strike against the government of President Iván Duque was sought to be peaceful, in several cities of the country there were violent events that clouded the day of protests, as happened with the fire in the Police substation in the Cartagenita sector in the municipality of Facatativá (Cundinamarca), 30 kilometers from Bogotá.

The incident occurred in the afternoon after a group of hooded men set fire to the place. In the newspaper El Espectador they reported that some policemen were there, but they managed to flee the site when the conflagration began.

In the videos that circulated on social networks in which it is evident how the flames consume the substation and some motorcycles of the uniformed men.

The policemen who were in the place managed to flee. There were no injuries in the conflagration

El Espectador consulted with the Police and they indicated that there There was a blockade by a group of citizens who could not be dispersed by members of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad), since they were in the El Sosiego neighborhood in the neighboring municipality of Madrid where they were also vandalizing a CAI.

In that newspaper they also reported that There were no arrests for the fact, but that the institution initiated an investigation to find those responsible with the help of the videos of the security cameras what’s in the area.

Precisely General César Ovidio Castro, commander of the Police in Cundinamarca, condemned the incident in a post on Twitter.

“We reject these acts of vandalism, which occurred at the Police Substation in Cartagenita. With this, all they want is to leave a community unprotected, but we will be there as always ,” the officer trilled.

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