They legalize the capture of Nilson Díaz, stepfather of Sara Sofía Galván

They legalize the capture of Nilson Díaz, stepfather of Sara Sofía Galván

After almost a week of attempts, the Attorney General’s Office managed to legalize the capture of Nilson Díaz, allegedly responsible for the disappearance of little Sara Sofía Galván and who was her stepfather.

According to the prosecuting body, the recapture met the legal requirements and it is now possible to continue with the judicial process.

It should be remembered that Díaz had been in jail for months, but on July 30 he was released after the second criminal judge of the Bogotá specialized circuit decided to declare the case null and void.

Failures were argued in the process of formulating charges by the Prosecutor’s Office due to the request of the then defender of Díaz and Galván, Aydeé Acevedo.

The prosecuting body continued working to be able to file charges, which is why yesterday (August 4) the custodial security measure requested against Díaz could take place after the prosecuting body managed to resolve the flaws in the process. In addition, the man was charged with aggravated forced disappearance.

In the official announcement, the entity stated that, “in accordance with Article 286, 287 and following, it has made the factual and legal accusation against Mr.Nilson Díaz, for an alleged conduct of forced disappearance and said accusation has already found due consent or approval of the Guarantee control judge”, taking into account that the individual has information about what happened with the minor under two years of age, of which nothing has been known since last January 28.

The request was presented before the judge 52 of control of guarantees of Bogotá in a virtual way, after this same one determined that it was a reserved diligence, when dealing with facts that concern a minor. The accusing body intended to do the same with the girl’s mother, but had to abstain after it became known that she is being advised by a different lawyer than the one who defended her last week.

Thus, on the morning of this Thursday, in the municipality of Soacha (Cundinamarca), agents of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) captured Nilson Díaz, stepfather of the two-year-old girl Sara Sofía Galván, who since Last January 28, she was found missing in strange events in the southwest of the city of Bogotá.

According to the accusatory body, the subject was captured again, after the controversy that caused the freedom of both this man and that of the girl’s mother, who have not been able to agree on the account of the events surrounding the disappearance of the minor.

Likewise, it was learned that a prosecutor from the National Working Group on Gender Violence of the Prosecutor’s Office charged the defendant with the crime of aggravated forced disappearance.

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