They denounce the disappearance of two FARC ex-combatants in Medellín

They denounce the disappearance of two FARC ex-combatants in Medellín

Two of the signatories of the peace agreement between the former guerrilla group of the Farc and the Colombian State, completed 5 days missing, after they were seen for the last time in Medellín (Antioquia), according to information from the Blu Radio station.

It’s about Jhon Jairo Quiceno Carmona and Óscar Javier Cuadro Zea whose family and friends reported their disappearance since last February 6, when the ex-combatants went to the capital of Antioquia, as reported on the radio.

The relatives of the signatories of the agreement asked citizens to show solidarity with them so that they provide information that allows locating these people and had the cell phone number 305 3464079.

The ex-combatants are part of the Miel de la Montaña project with which 20 ex-combatants of the former guerrilla are dedicated to beekeeping in Anorí (Antioquia) to market honey in different cities of the country.

“We are anguished and very anxious. Two ex-guerrillas who signed the Peace Agreement and members of our cooperative have been missing in the city of Medellín since February 6. We appreciate any information “, they alerted from the Twitter account of Miel de la Montaña.

This initiative, which seeks the reincorporation of former subversives, has the support of the United Nations.

“The Verification Mission has accompanied different productive initiatives of people in the process of reincorporation, such as the clothing workshop. Too We greatly value initiatives such as Miel de la Montaña, where, through the Paso Colombia Foundation, El Sena, and on their own initiative, ex-combatants are producing and marketing honey, at the same time as developing an environmental preservation plan ”, said Francesc Claret, head of the regional office in Antioquia of the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia, in a publication of that organization.

According to information from Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz), in the first two months of 2021, 7 signatories of the peace agreement were assassinated in Colombia between the old guerrilla of the Farc and the Colombian State.

According to Indepaz data, 64 had been finalized last year and it has gone 255 since the agreement was implemented.

Among those killed is the case of former combatant Yolanda Zabala who was murdered, along with her minor sister at the New Year celebrations.

Also in the Indepaz reports there is a signer who has disappeared since January 23, it is Juan Carlos Correa who was seen for the last time in San Andrés de Cuerquia in Antioquia.

The most recent of the homicides of ex-combatants was that of Brayan Javier Secue Ipia, who was killed on January 31 in Algeria (Cauca), in the west of the country.

According to information from Indepaz, Secue was murdered in the El Plateado district of Algeria when he was chatting with some friends. A group of armed men arrived at the place where he was, opened fire on him and killed him.

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