Three men and two women, allegedly involved in the attack near the Cúcuta airport, were captured on Tuesday night after five simultaneous raids in Medellín, reported the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol (Dijin) of the Colombian National Police.

The incident occurred in the city on the border with Venezuela on December 14 and two police mayors and a civilian died.

In a statement, the Police indicated that the captured, who were transferred in the early morning to Cúcuta for the respective guarantee control hearings, are required for the crimes of “terrorism, aggravated homicide, attempted homicide”, as well as “manufacture or illegal possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives ”.

At the time, the authorities had offered about $ 25,000 in reward and released five spoken portraits of the alleged material perpetrators.

Two explosions were registered on December 14 at the Camilo Daza International Airport in Cúcuta. As reported at the time, criminals entered the airport and, minutes later, a device detonated. In that explosion one person died.

Later, while police officers were exploring the area, they found a suitcase and, while investigating it, it detonated, killing two members of the Cúcuta Metropolitan Police.

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