Times Higher Education (THE) firm released its latest World University Rankings 2022, a recognized list where the best universities in the world, and in which ten Colombian institutions stand out.

In total, 1,600 universities were evaluated based on thirteen indicators, arranged to measure the performance of an institution in the teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international perspective.

According to information from the firm, “the data analyzed to create the rankings includes 108 million citations from 14.4 million research publications, as well as a survey of 22,000 academics from around the world.”

In total, they classified ten educational institutions, three public and seven private. The one that was located in the highest level of the ranking was the Pontifical Javeriana University, which managed to place itself between positions 500 and 600. “The good performance of the Javeriana was mainly due to the citations component of its investigations, which gave it a score of 88.2 out of 100,” newspaper El Tiempo said.

The Javeriana was followed by University of the Andes (801-1,000) and the University of Antioquia (1,001-1,200). Then the National University in fourth place.

This was the classification of Colombian universities:

  • 1. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (501-600 worldwide)
  • 2. University of Los Andes (801-1,000)
  • 3. University of Antioquia (1.001-1.200)
  • 4. National University of Colombia (1.001-1.200)
  • 5. Pontifical Bolivarian University (UPB) (1,201+)
  • 6. Universidad del Norte (1,201+)
  • 7. University of Rosario (1,201+)
  • 8. University of La Sabana (1,201+)
  • 9. EAFIT University (1,201+)
  • 10. Santander Industrial University (UIS) (1,201+)

The best institution in the world, according to the ranking, was the Oxford University of the United Kingdom, “which led the way in the global search for a vaccine against covid-19”, and which is in the first place of the count for the sixth consecutive year.

He was followed by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the Harvard University in second place. Then in third place is the University of Cambridge from United Kingdom. This is how the first places in the ranking were left:

  • 1. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • 2. California Institute of Technology – Caltech (Estados Unidos)
  • 3. Harvard University (United States)
  • 4. Stanford University (United States)
  • 5. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • 6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (Estados Unidos)
  • 7. Princeton University (United States)
  • 8. University of California, Berkeley (United States)
  • 9. Yale University (United States)
  • 10. The University of Chicago (United States)

Another prestigious ranking was released recently, it is the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the list recognizes 1,800 educational institutions, including six Colombians.

According to the ranking, the National University of Colombia is the first Colombian to appear on the list, followed by the University of Los Andes.

Other Colombian educational institutions that are among the best in the world are the Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad del Valle and Universidad Antonio Nariño.

In the region, the first university to appear in the prestigious ranking is the University of Sao Paulo, followed by the State University of Campinas, also in Brazil, and the third is the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Regarding the best classified, Harvard University ranked first, followed by Stanford University, Cambridge University, MIT and the University of Berkeley.

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